UPCOMING SHOW: 12d (April 17-27th)

For a change from discussing past events, here’s an advert for a future piece. Those of you in Scotland, and specifically the Tayside area can pop by the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centrespace from the 17th-28th April to spy my latest film/painting installation piece.


The screen is not a boundary.

[In our lives we watch, we think, we exist. These overlap. The worlds of the screen and our minds are one. Our different choices could all be happening, mentally or literally. The screen is not a boundary, instead it joins. It is a portal to other possibilities, to other imaginations, to other worlds.]

[I am an artist and PhD Researcher at the University of Dundee. My work uses layered images and multiple screens, connecting painting and film work.]

[My latest work, ā€œ12dā€ is an installation piece made up of multiple screens, paintings and household objects to provide an experience of many worlds, the freedom of film and multiple facets of the human mind.]

[It is on display in the DCA Centrespace (Floor LG, downstairs from the bar) from the 18th-27th April, 10am-4.30pm each weekday and 12-4pm on Saturday. Throughout this time will be three talks on the techniques and themes (dates and times TBC).]

[First however, is an opening event on the 17th April. This will take place in the Centrespace from 6-8.30pm and refreshments will be provided. All are welcome.]”

A FB event page is available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/304139626669549/


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