SHORT FILM: Extract from “A Portrait of the Artist”

Next week I’ll post the essay this piece was a companion piece to. For the moment, here is an adaptation of a segment of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The essay will touch upon why this extract was chosen and why Joyce’s work is particularly cinematic/multi-layered. For now just enjoy.

Rude brutal anger routed the last lingering instant of ecstasy from
his soul. It broke up violently her fair image and flung the fragments
on all sides. On all sides distorted reflections of her image started
from his memory: the flower girl in the ragged dress with damp course
hair and a hoyden’s face who had called herself his own girl and begged
his handsel, the kitchen-girl in the next house who sang over the clatter
of her plates, with the drawl of a country singer, the first bars of By
Killarney’s Lakes and Fells, a girl who had laughed gaily to see him
stumble when the iron grating in the footpath near Cork Hill had caught
the broken sole of his shoe, a girl he had glanced at, attracted by her small
ripe mouth, as she passed out of Jacob’s biscuit factory, who had cried to
him over her shoulder.


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