ART: Mind Journey

As seen in Quantum I had been experimenting with adding my paintings into my film projects. This is an example of the opposite.

After a residential art trip to the Greek island of Aegina we were asked to create a piece is reaction to our experiences for Elika Vlachaki’s Oscillations exhibition. ‘Mind Journey’ was mine. Originally I had filmed large amounts of footage from the island, but I couldn’t think of a way to edit it that excited me. Instead it seemed like a holiday video with nice imagery. So I thought back to a stereoscope viewer, an ancient relic and a conversation. Combining the measuring of time and the aged distortion on the artefact (the Antikythera mechanism), the mental journey of recollection with the physical experience of looking in the viewer and the loss of past experiences related to me by artist Ioannis Dedes I created a painting. This is it.


I don’t like it. So instead I recreated it with the ethereal projected cinematic image taking the place of the obvious memories. It then became something far more universal than simply being a piece about a single week in my life. I’m really quite fond of this one.



{I wondered about posting the elements of this piece, but a large amount of its purpose was to discuss the impossibility to retain past experience fully in memory. Therefore here is the video that played over the white areas of the painting. You can attempt to recreate the piece in your mind with these fragments but like the true Antikythera Mechanism its totality is gone.}


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