QUANTUM: A Short Film

The Christmas break over 2015/16 was spent by applying for the current PhD I’m doing. This gave me a lot of time to think about layered images and I decided to push their limits in the 2D frame of a projected 16:9 image. This was the result.

Provided that any of you still have any concentration left, I’ll take a look at a couple of aspects. I’m still not sure if the film succeeds (I suspect it may be slightly too complex and inaccessible to any viewer except myself), but it’s worth looking at its aims. Generally the film grew from its central element: that of the multiple universes created by electron uncertainty at the quantum level. I wondered if the many worlds occurring simultaneously could be shown literally by the cinematic image. This then became intermingled with the knowledge that there are competing theories for electron behaviour and more generally for the nature of the universe.


[This is a scan of page one ofthe script. Trying to write for three different worlds on a single level A4 was slightly impossible. One of the main hopes of the project was to create something that could only be seen in its own medium and was not translatable]

This meant I could create three distinct worlds, with their own looks, ideas, purposes and characters that still intermix. There are explanations for the same phenomena in each frame (sometimes more than one) but these become interfered with by the sheer amount of information on offer. This seemed to match the difficulty many of us feel with the topic. I normally describe ‘Quantum’ as a documentary, but it’s more accurate to call it an experience of the subject that an explanation.


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