Short Film: Earth; Night and Day

The final film piece I made in 2015 was an experiment in the rarer form of multi-image, the multi-screen. I’d been getting a little bored with the format of film as a single 16:9 image that could be shown anywhere from cinema to phone. What I wanted to do instead was a special piece that couldn’t be recreated easily, a film installation that was a one time occurance. Which is why I’ve now uploaded it to youtube, the clot that I am.


As you can see this installation took inspiration from still life paintings with it’s ephemeral objects surrounding the seemingly immortal machines. The point however is that what is displayed and the installation itself is all as fleeting in the grand scale. I was tempted to upload all three films in one file, combining their images in a row. That I feel would be unfair to the exhibit, a piece that was all about the lack of preminance. If you wish to recreate a shadow of the past however, feel free to open these three films on different devices or in different brower windows and place them in the layout above.

Beyond that my only comments are somewhat negative. I like the message I was attempting to bring across and even the planned way to do it, with the images of myself standing in for the billions of people on the planet, and the contrast between the power of a star and the weakness of humanity. However I feel the technique is very sloppy and the message a little too didactic and cynical. I toyed with not sharing this work, but I feel it’s nature as my first installation piece is needed to explore my later work that I’m happier with, and while it is very flawed, I find it an interesting failure.


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