First dabbles into Composite Imagery

First things first. But not necessarily in that order…

As mentioned in my opening gambit, I’ve been on an art course for the past year. Throughout my time there I’ve developed more complex and nuanced uses of collages and of composite and multi-layered imagery. But everything has to start somewhere.

I began these experiments after discovering two things. One was the remains left by the previous students in my newly acquired studio. Most importantly I found some broken mirror pieces by Nel Wilson. Seeing my reflection in a pyramid of shattered glass, I realised a similar effect could be achieved through the use of digital editing. This became especially interesting after doing a bit of reading on the analytical cubists.


Their attempts to capture all physical aspects of an object with a fragmented image struck me. What if film could do the same with all temporal aspects?

I then created these three shorts. I intended to make a project (which I may one day pick up) building up a collection of small, beautiful events. This would catalogue the world in its infinite complexity. However while creating these I discovered other techniques and while researching I discovered other filmmakers, all of which shifted my focus.

These are very roughly made, due to my inexperience with Premiere Pro and the how little I’d thought through my ideas. I couldn’t decide if they showed different times in a activity’s lifespan (which is my current feeling on them) or if they represented alternate universes, created due to the differences in electron positions (don’t worry I’m coming back to this later). There’s also no sound, as I had no idea what I was going to do there. They just existed as an aesthetic experience that I was fascinated by. Because of that I still have an affection for them. They might be a little hollow and shaky, but to me they’re pure expressions of the joy of the form and my first steps down a path that I’m still not at the end of.


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